OUR sustainable pratices

Sustainability Without Compromise

Explore Solios' sustainability practices on this page, where we detail our commitment to eco-conscious manufacturing and materials. From our use of recycled stainless steel to our cruelty-free vegan leather straps, we prioritize sustainability in every aspect of our production process. Discover how we're reducing our environmental footprint and creating watches that make a positive impact on the planet.

Slow fashion

Designing with purpose

When it comes to sustainability, we have one golden rule: to minimize manufacturing environmental footprint, to maximize long-term usage and to create a circular economy where waste can become a new treasure. Whilst we are still far from perfection, this motto is - and will forever be - behind each of our processes and quests for improvements.

Solar technology

Saying goodbye to battery replacement

Solios was created around a key technology: solar movement. This innovative and clean source of power could on its own avoid the unnecessary maintenance of a watch, all whilst preventing premature battery - or timepiece - replacement. And did you know? If all battery-powered watches were instead using solar technology, we could prevent the production of more than 1 billion watch batteries every year.ed materials, ethical processes and, most and foremost, timeless and minimalist aesthetics.

That’s what we call a small accessory with a big impact.

We got the grades to prove our commitment. We're the first B Corp certified watch company

A sustainable watch needs sustainable materials

Certified recycled stainless steel

Mother Nature has gifted us with a material that is infinitely recyclable: stainless steel. We honour it in the best way possible, by only employing its recycled version in our watches.

Eco vegan leather

We have pushed the boundaries of what’s possible and now offer a truly eco-friendly vegan leather. This silicone-based alternative is incredibly durable and doesn't contain harmful components such as PU, PVC and toxic by-products.

Solar powered movement

All Solios watches feature a state-of-the-art, invisible and incredibly powerful solar technology that allows you to charge your watch as you go about your day.

Handmade eco packaging

We discovered the hard way that most “eco” packaging options are not recyclable. We decided to change things up and push innovation further by introducing truly recycled and recyclable materials.

Always being thoughtful, in every part of the process

Our mission

Giving back shouldn’t be a marketing stunt

At Solios, we don’t do things because it looks good. We do them because they actually do some good. After hours of research to find the most transparent, humble, financially efficient and effective partners, we found The Rainforest Trust, a foundation which restores the lungs of our planet. Every watch sold and every dollar donated therefore contribute to a better tomorrow.

Making tomorrow better and greener

Net zero from internal & external emissions, by 2025

All of Solios’ partnerships are built around a shared vision: to make the world a better place. Thanks to the Rainforest Trust’s unique and cost-effective approach, we can ensure efficient and sustainable results when it comes to the long-term protection of endangered lands.