One of the most frequent questions a person asks themselves after purchasing a timepiece for the first time is quite a simple one: on what hand should they wear their watch on? This may sound simple and straightforward, but it is highly anchored in personal style and will vary from individual to another. 

There are some core commonly-agreed rules when it comes to watch wearing, though. One of them is in relation to the wrist on which one must wear their watch. The overall rule states that timepieces should be worn on the non-dominant hand, which is the opposite one to the one used for key motor tasks such as writing or lifting items. According to this rule, you should be wearing your watch on the left wrist if you are right-handed, and on the right wrist if you are left-handed. 
Men wearing watch on left wrist

The reasoning behind this rule? First, it is easier to read the time on your watch whilst your dominant hand is doing other tasks, such as writing. Wearing a watch on the non-dominant hand will also help maintain it in good condition, as you will be able to prevent damage from accidental scratches or bumps - which can occur so easily! 

If you are wondering about which wrist to wear your watch, you now know what the general rule of thumb is. But ultimately, this decision is a personal preference - it is all about your own style and what you are most comfortable with. After all, a watch is an accessory which is meant to reflect someone’s take on fashion; see it as an extension of one’s personality. Whatever choice you make - from choosing a style of watch to deciding on which wrist to wear it - the most important thing is that it feels natural and true to your fashion sense. 

What are the different styles of watches? 

Wearing a watch is, as stated above, a matter of personal style. No matter what hand you decide to wear it on, your timepiece should be a true reflection of your taste in fashion and your values. With the market offering such different designs, pinpointing the right style of watch can quickly become overwhelming. Where do you start and how should you select a watch in the first place? 

Before making any choice, it is worth explaining what are the main styles of watches you can find on the market. If we were to take a large step back and split the watch industry in core categories, we could break it down in two: the dress watches and the sports ones. As you can imagine, there will be loads of subcategories underneath each of them, but we can easily say that these are the two main styles of watches out there. The former will usually showcase sleeker design elements, fine materials and leather straps, while the latter will feature either steel, rubber band or fabric. The sports watch category is the one with the most variations, as these timepieces have been designed with loads of specific sports and activities in mind: diving, field watches,smart watches, and so on.

How to style a watch?

Styling a watch to an outfit is no easy feat. Whilst some may think that such a small accessory shouldn’t have that much of an impact on a final ensemble, it is actually quite the opposite. Do you recall meeting someone in the past with a great sense of style… but with an awful watch that would highly clash with the rest of the outfit? Or perhaps, have you been to a wedding recently where the groom would wear a beautifully-tailored tuxedo, to then reveal a rubbery red sports watch on his wrist? 

We know some occasions have now popped into your mind. 

Truth is, a watch is a fashion statement and is quite important to consider when putting together an outfit - whether it is to go around the city for daily errands or to attend a formal meeting with fellow colleagues or potential clients. If you don’t know where to start when it comes to styling your watch - and what are the do’s and don’ts associated with it - then search no longer, we have some answers for you! The below is the collation of our best fashion tips for styling your watch, based on the occasion or the outfit. 

But at the end of the day, always keep in mind that fashion is and has always been about feeling good and confident. The below will be handy, sure, but we truly think at Solios that what matters most and foremost is you - you do you! 

Top Fashion Tips For Styling Your Watch

When it comes to styling your watch, there are two main components you must keep in mind: the occasion and your overall outfit. These two elements will guide you when it comes to styling your timepiece. Below is a list of top fashion tips which will help you better assess how to style a watch. 


  • Always start with the occasion: first things first, you should think about where you are going. A chunky sports watch with a rubber band may not be the most appropriate option if you are wearing a tuxedo, right? Dress watches are known to be best suited for formal occasions as they usually come in a sleek, more minimalistic design and a chic leather strap. For a more casual setting, don’t hesitate to opt for something a little more dressed down such as a sports watch, with a metal or rubber strap. 
    Women wearing watch on left or right wrist
  • Play matchy-matchy with the metal: look at your overall outfit - are you wearing any form of accessories right now? Does your outfit have hints of metal here and there? If you have answered yes to one of these questions, then pay attention to the type of metal you are wearing and go for a watch which will match its shade. Having a full silver or gold metal look will look chic and elevated. 

Men wearing his watch on the right hand

  • Complement your outfit - don’t compete with it: try to avoid a watch which will highly clash with what you are wearing. Think for example of a thick, rubber sports watch in a bright red with a tuxedo: whilst some people love to explore and mismatch their accessories with their outfit, this pairing would make the watch stand out perhaps a little too much and put the focus away from the wearer. If you can, try to match the shade of the face of the watch to your outfit, or opt for a neutral colour such as white, black or brown. 
  • Have fun with the straps: the easiest way to dress up or down your watch or to make it match your overall outfit is to play around with the strap. A vegan leather strap can make a timepiece look more formal, whilst a fabric or mesh metal strap can dress down your outfit and provide an overall casual vibe. Many watch companies will offer the option to purchase additional straps in order to jazz up your wristwatch - for example, at Solios we have a good variety of watch straps, which come in different colours and materials. They are ideal if you wish to build out your watch wardrobe!

Different strap colors

When it comes to fashion and accessories, the key always remains to stay true to who you are and wear what makes you comfortable - and happy! And in terms of the world of watches, whilst there are overarching generic rules and tips which are widely spread and known, at the end of the day you should focus on what suits your lifestyle best. 

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