For many, pairing your timepiece to your fashion style is considered an art. How often have you seen someone flaunt an incredible outfit, to then notice how ill fitting their wrist watch was (we see you, grooms with a smart watch under the tux!)? There is a reason why they say accessories can make or break an outfit. Pairing the wrong watch to your ensemble du jour can become in a second a fashion faux pas

Whether you are about to step out for a night out with friends, for work or even for a day of hiking, there will always be a way to wear your watch in a fashionable manner. Below, we have gathered some tips that will come in handy when it will be time for you to select your watch of the day, more specifically if it involves wearing long sleeves. 

But always remember: at the end of the day, being fashionable is about being confident in what you wear. Whilst the below tricks can be useful, we believe at Solios that you should always wear your watch the way you want!

How to Wear a Wrist Watch With Long Sleeves

If you want to wear a watch with long sleeves, there are a few things to consider to pull a fashionable look. You must think about the occasion you are dressing for and the style of your outfit, the type of sleeves you have, the material of your strap, but also the size of your timepiece. These factors will all come into play when it will be time - pun intended - to pair a watch with your outfit in a fashionable manner. 

On which wrist should you wear your watch?

Before tackling the specifics, let’s start with the basics. When it comes to wearing a men’s watch with long sleeves, there are a few fashion pointers you should know. 

Mean wearing watch on left wrist with long sleeve shirt.

The first one is all about a simple question that many have asked themselves at some point. On what hand should you wear your watch? Truth is, there is no strict and simple answer. They say that back in history, men had to wear their watch on their left wrist as they were forced to have their right hand as the dominant one. From there, two camps started to form. On the left hand side (see what we did there?), those who believed that you should wear your watch on the left wrist, no matter what your dominant hand is. On the right hand side, those who stated that you should wear your watch on your non-dominant hand, since you are most likely to avoid scratching it or bumping it on a surface. Whilst the latter comes with valid reasoning, the Solios team believes you should wear your watch on the wrist that feels the most natural and comfortable to you. As simple as that. 

Another basic fashion tip revolves around a watch’s thickness, especially when wearing long sleeves. Here, the traditional rule states that the tighter your sleeve is around the wrist, the thinner your watch should be. After all, if you opt for a chunky sports watch under a thin and tight sleeve, you will quickly feel discomfort around the wrist. The looser the sleeve, the more space you have to accommodate a bigger, thicker model.

Lastly, it is believed that a long sleeve shirt should always cover at least 75% of your watch when your arm is straight. Passerbys should be able to notice your watch only when you bend your arm. This general rule also means that you should wear your timepiece under your sleeve. Wearing a watch over any piece of fabric is often seen as unpolished. 


Don’t Clash Styles When Choosing a Watch 

When selecting a watch for your outfit, you must start by paying attention to your overall look. Where are you headed? Will you be required to wear formal attire or comfortable, sporty clothes? No matter your destination and the occasion, the key in styling a watch is to always make sure the final look is coherent. Need more tips? See below our advice based on the style you are going for.


Going to work or to a wedding? If you are headed to a place where smart attire is required, opt for what is called a dress watch.  Dress watches are known as elegant, classic and timeless timepieces that are meant to be worn with a suit. They usually feature minimalist, uncluttered dials that are demure. This way, your formal outfit will truly be the star of the show.

How to wear a watch with long sleeve formalwear

The Solios Recommendation

Formalwear calls for elegant accessories. When it comes to watches, elegance often translates into neutral hues and robust materials. Trying to find the perfect match for your suit? See what the Solios team recommends!

Dial colour: opt for a white dial, which is subtle and timeless.

Case colour: go for classic metal hues, such as gold and silver, as they come with an elevated look. 

Strap type: one word - (eco)leather! Leather is the usual go-to when it comes to formalwear. We also recommend opting for a neutral shade, such as black or brown. 

Casual wear 

When it comes to casual outfits, make sure you respect your personality and the overall vibe of your attire. After all, “casual” can be interpreted quite differently from one person to another. Whilst some men like to wear formal watches on a regular basis, we recommend opting for comfort when it is time to dress casual. Go for flexible materials which will flawlessly accompany you on a daily basis, no matter what activity is planned in your diary!

How to wear a watch with long sleeve casual wearThe Solios Recommendation

Casual wear is all about comfort and adapting your outfit to your personal (life)style. The timepiece that sits on your wrist should be an everyday companion that follows you whatever the situation, wherever the location. 

Dial colour: neutral shades such as black or white are great options if you want a style that can easily match any outfit. 

Case colour: silver, gold, black... you do you! Go for a case that suits you and your personal style

Strap type: some strap materials are better suited for everyday whims, such as mesh metal or hemp NATO, as they are less stiff than leather and provide comfort and flexibility. Colour wise, we recommend going for shades that can complete any outfit, from dark green and navy to black or brown. 

Flamboyant Attire

Want to dress to impress? If your personal style is all about being bold, wild and quirky, your accessories should follow suit and be just as loud! For eccentric looks, there are no true fashion rules: you should go for what feels right. 

Men wearing a watch with a more flamboyant attire

The Solios Recommendation

Our one rule: HAVE FUN! Say goodbye to classic fashion tips - instead, play around with colors, textures and materials. And because we like to preach our own choir - what can we say, we are slightly biased here! - we highly recommend you to check out the Solios watches that shine bright because of their vivid hues, such as the beautifully green Rainforest model or our latest blue curve dial

Dial color: go with your personal taste - are you more into forest green or royal blue? Select the shade based on your true colors (pun intended). 

Case color: silver, rose gold or classic gold… all options are on the table! Our simple tip and trick here? Instead of focusing on your outfit to select the perfect case color, see which metal goes better with your skin tone. That will make all the difference!

Strap type: now we’re talking. Let the fun begin! If you are pulling together a flamboyant attire, get ready to play around with watch straps. Say goodbye to fashion rules, and explore the different options you have - which colors are going to be better suited to your dial color? What material will better complement your outfit? You’re the boss!

Carefully Selecting the Right Watch Strap

Have you ever heard of interchangeable watch straps? More and more, we are seeing on the market watches that are built to be versatile, to better suit your different styles and needs. Not only is this concept convenient: it is also an economic and responsible way to consume timepieces. No need to buy an entirely new watch if you no longer like the look of your straps - or if they have fallen apart! Simply swap them for another one for a fresh new look that is more aligned with you and your mood du jour

Swapping your watch’s strap is an easy way to elevate an outfit instantly. In a matter of seconds, your ensemble can go from formal to casual, matching the overall style you are going for. 

When it comes to styling your watch when you are wearing long sleeves, keep in mind that a sturdy strap that will comfortably sit on your wrist with the right length is the better option. In this particular case, loose straps won’t visually be appealing, as they will tend to fall lower on your hand. Make sure your strap is adjusted perfectly and sits comfortably on your wrist. 

Multiple watch style with different bracelets

Different strap materials currently exist on the market, and just like watches, they tend to be associated with specific occasions and styles. For example, vegan leather straps are often worn with formalwear, as they come with a refined finish and an elegant touch. Mesh metal straps, on their end, are now seen as a hybrid between casual and formal. They can therefore be worn for both occasions without jeopardising the final look. The same can’t be said for NATO straps, which are made out of nylon or fabric: their casual vibe is better suited for your run-of-the-mill, everyday attire. And lastly, rubber straps are a go-to when you are putting on activewear. 

All eyes on eco-leather 

We’ll let you in on a secret: not all vegan leathers are created equal. Did you know that most faux leathers on the market contain plastic components that harm the planet? This means that going for a cruelty-free option can be just as bad as wearing its animal-based counterpart from an environmental perspective. We are proud to say at Solios that we have created a vegan leather strap that is truly good on the planet. Our innovative silicone-based leather also features an inlay made out of cork instead of the traditional rubber, making the final product even more durable, sturdy and eco-friendly. And to top it all off: Solios’ eco-leather is also resistant to water and transpiration. A truly innovative material!

Whatever your style and whatever the occasion, there will always be a watch out there designed to elevate your look. With the above curated tips in mind, you can now easily identify the right watch to wear and make sure you properly style it when wearing long sleeves. Time to shine!

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Solios came to life after Samuel Leroux and Alexandre Desabrais, two university friends, embarked on a journey to find a business idea that would have a positive impact on the world we live in. After travelling the world to get inspired by nature’s wonders, an idea was born: to create the first Canadian solar watch.

Sam and Alex, founders of Solios 

It took passion, ambition, a lot of research and exactly two years to get the first Solios prototype. The goal was simple: to create a watch that married technology, sustainability and design. Since the official launch in 2018, the Canadian brand has been selling its fashionable watches around the world.

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