Here at Solios, we make a point to be proactive and transparent with our brand. We are a sustainable brand that makes a conscious effort to always progress towards a more eco-friendly product. However, we are not perfect, we will always strive to do better. This is why one of our biggest pillars at Solios is that of constant improvement.

Solios founders speaking about their values

The Solios Philosophy

Aside from valuing the honesty of being transparent, we highly emphasize constant improvement. The two go hand in hand. We are transparent about our sustainable progress so that our community is aware of what they are encouraging when purchasing our solar watch.

We value always moving forward in our sustainable practices including but not limited to the materials we source; eliminating single-use protection of our watches, the shipping process, our packaging, our statements, and what we embody as a brand.

These are all aspects that may never stay stagnant in how they are done. We are always searching for new innovative ways to improve our sustainability. If it doesn't exist, we work towards making it possible.

We want to lead a new change in the fashion industry where there are processes that have not changed over the years, that could easily be more sustainable. Where sustainable improvement has not been made - shipping, materials, etc - we want to clear the path for other brands. We want to lead a new movement in the fashion industry, one that is, currently, not as transparent to the consumers' knowledge.

Where We Currently Stand

As mentioned, we believe in transparency. Thus, here are some things we are currently doing in our process of becoming always more sustainable.

1. Solar Powered

Our solar watches run off of a light energized battery. The average lifetime of a watch battery is only two years; a regular watch needs about 20 batteries in a lifetime. With a solar battery, there is no need to change the battery for 40 to 50 years - that’s a lifetime!

But no need to worry about wearing your Solios watch at night! Your watch’s power reserve is of over 6 months and constantly charges when exposed to light.

Why we chose a solar movement for our watch

2. Eco-Leather

Our eco-leather bands are animal skin and cruelty-free. We don't want it as vegan leather as the 'leather' is free from PVC, PU, and toxic waste (found in some vegan leather).

The silicone fabric we use in our vegan watches has the longest lifespan of any eco-vegan-leather. Not many materials are strong enough to resist the high torsion that watches straps endure. Also, the eco-leather we use is easily recyclable, there are no solvents or toxic by-products! Thus, for now, it is one of the best sustainable materials to replace a classic leather band.

Both durable and elegant, our eco-leather straps are stain proof and waterproof. Made so that you can go about your daily routine without having to worry about your watch getting in the way.

Sustainable vegan leather

3. The Metal

We try to think of every aspect of the material we use in making our watches. For the classic colour options offer, we have opted for ionic coloration. Though it is much more costly, it is also durable and doesn't create any extra chemical waste.

Currently, the metal we use is certified 316L recycled stainless steel. We have opted for this metal because it is highly anticorrosive, completely recyclable, it contains less carbon than 316 stainless steel, and is 100% sourced from recycled materials.

Water based colouration for mesh bracelets

4. Packaging

Product packaging is one of the biggest sources of material waste. Thus, our packaging is made up of 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard. Still, just as durable for the transportation of your watch and as elegant as the competitors, our packaging is just a small step closer to the big picture.

We don’t use any plastic film over our cardboard known to give a ‘soft’ illusion to the packaging. Though this illusion may look good, the plastic covering makes the cardboard completely unrecyclable. If you see packaging that seems like cardboard but has a lustrous finish, just know there is high chances it is not recyclable and will end up in a landfill.

Sustainable and handmade packaging

5. Helping Our Community and Environment

We have made it part of our mission to not only spread awareness about eco-responsibility through our brand but also through our actions. Thus, we place a high emphasis on helping our community as well as associations that are making a difference.

Recently, we collaborated with the Rainforest Trust to help them in saving tropical forests and wildlife. We donate 1% of every watch sold to help saves many acres of land and the wildlife that depends on it.

In the future, we plan on continuing to help our community, associations, and our planet for a greener future in which humans and the earth can live in harmony.

Solios raising money for Make a Wish foundation
Make a Wish Foundation

Change: A Constant Improvement

Solios is not perfect, not even close! But that is the key to improvement; it's the desire to always move forward however big or small that change may be. Small changes lead to a bigger picture.

Eco-responsibility should not feel like a heavyweight to take on, by taking it one small step at a time, it is not so daunting.

Start simple, by telling a friend the importance of sustainability and eco-responsibility. One of the biggest impacts you can make is to show others the way - share your values with the world around you.

The products you purchase or decide to hold off on, use and wear are a tangible symbol of your values and what others read off of you. Put thought into how you influence others around you through your actions.

As we make the effort to always move forward with our brand to a greener future, we hope to encourage our community to do that same with their lifestyle and actions. Together, our small changes will make a big difference.


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