At the beginning, the idea behind the Mini Solar design was to find the right balance between timeless, useful and eco-friendly accessory. But to be timeless, this new timepiece needed to adapt to everyone's aesthetic. A big challenge, you might say, but the solution lay in simplicity.

It is therefore following a strong demand from our dear community that we started months of research and development as well as ideation to succeed in conceptualizing the Mini Solar, this small accessory with big impact. The watchwords at every step of the way; clean lines and thoughtful design to last. Exit the extravagance complexity.

The result? A marvelous piece of jewelry designed specifically to meet the crying need of many to finally put their small wrist on a watch that would fit perfectly.

Mini 29 mm watch with classic watches in 36mm and 40mm
The Mini Solar dial (29mm) and the Classic Solar dials (36mm and 40mm)

Meet the Mini Solar Black

This second edition of the Mini is no exception to its older sister, the Mini Solar white. The goal is still the same, to offer a watch collection for those with smaller wrists. However, we are adding a new level of difficulty by intensifying its fashionable character this time.

How did we get there? By daring the boldness of the deep black dial and the combination with richly colored metals.

Discover the different personalities of the Mini Solar black and their particularities. Meet the remarkable rose gold, the stunning silver and the beyond black.

3 mini watches : one in rose gold, one in all black and one in silver
Mini Solar Black Rose Gold | Mini Solar Black All Black | Mini Solar Black Silver

New watch, same amazing technology

This isn't your grandma's watch, this is the future of fashion accessories. We make solar renewable energy incredibly simple; you can wear it on your wrist.

What would a Solios be without its solar power? Although the Mini Solar Black is the latest addition to the Solios family, it is no exception. It’s also proudly powered by solar energy. That means you get 6 months of reserve power from just 2 hours of light exposure - natural or artificial.

A mini watch in rose gold with a black dial
Casual look featuring the Mini Solar Black in Rose Gold.

All the Quality of a Luxury Watch. None of the Waste

Like all of our watches, the Mini Solar Black is made with responsible materials, including certified recycled stainless steel, vegan leather exempt of PU and PVC, and ion dyeing that avoids groundwater discharges.

Also, the Mini Black is designed in responsible places that have been visited in person to validate compliance with Solios quality standards. This includes employee well-being, site safety, eco-responsibility, ethics, etc.

Thus, it is not just a watch, but an accessory where meaning comes first.

A mini watch in stunning silver
The Mini Solar Black in stunning silver

Your style. Your choice. Your Solios.

This new black dial watch for women will be available in 3 variations, or as we like to call it, personalities. See which one suits you or learn more about the features of each.

  • The remarkable rose gold, a younger and fresher take on the old school gold.
  • The Stunning silver, a modern take on the timeless and elegant silver.
  • The Beyond black, a sophisticated low-key take on the classic watch.

Not to brag, but what's really cool about the Mini Solar black is that it can literally change its look depending on your mood of the day. Let's explain. We paired the Mini Black with two different kinds of bracelets, mesh ones and vegan leather ones. For a more chic or dressy look, the mesh is perfect while the vegan leather allows a more active and casual style.

A Mini solar powered watch with a black dial and a white vegan leather strap.
The versatile Mini Solar Black watch with a white vegan leather strap
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