When we asked why they created this new green dial watch in collaboration with the Rainforest Trust, Samuel and Alexandre, Solios co-founders, explain that this watch was on their mind from day one. In fact, when they mention a small accessory with a big impact, they mean it. And the Rainforest Trust special edition watch is here to prove it.

The Green dial watch in collaboration with the Rainforest Trust
The Green dial watch in collaboration with the Rainforest Trust

The relationship between the Rainforest Trust and Solios is not new. Indeed, from the very beginning of Solios, Alexandre and Samuel wanted to associate the brand to a cause that would be directly in line with the company's values, which are rooted in sustainability. One that would address a major societal issue by translating into concrete action. The Rainforest Trust was the obvious choice, a foundation that aims to protect and restore the planet lungs; the rainforest and the its species. Thanks to hard work and efficient processes, the Rainforest Trust reinvests 100% of donations to restore an acre of rainforest every 16 seconds across the world.

The idea of a green dial watch for men and a special edition available for women, had been in the minds of the two entrepreneurs for quite some time. With the color popularity this year, it was clear for Alex and Sam that it was the best time to launch such a dial color. It didn't take long for the idea of a collaboration with the foundation to comes to their minds, inspired by the dial hue. You'll agree, this watch was the perfect choice to become the Rainforest Trust Special Edition. So, it’s at this moment that the stars aligned between the two.

The watch that gives back

The Rainforest Trust Special Edition is different from our other solar watches because of its association with the foundation, but also because of its emblematic dial available in a shade of green. We made the decision to donate 10% of every watch sold to the foundation, which represents 10 times more donations than we usually do. The initial partnership with the Rainforest Trust is strengthened with this special edition watch, as one of the co-founders, Alexandre, says. ‘’By joining their cause, we are contributing to their mission to protect endangered rainforests’’, he adds.

This special edition watch will be offered with a rose gold or silver case.

Green dial watch available with multiple case colors
The Rainforest Trust watch and its variations

Moreover, who says special edition, says distinctive elements. Indeed, we have decided to make this watch a true masterpiece. Thanks to our association with Montreal-based artist Claudie Lamarre (Out.of.the), our watch has become a unique accessory. The artist went above and beyond to create an illustration that reflects the different habitats of the rainforest and its species. This particular design becomes the symbolic figure of this partnership between Solios and the Rainforest Trust.

This unique creation, thought out especially for us, will be displayed on the back of the watch as an engraving and will appear on the special edition packaging sleeve of the green dial watch.

This partnership allows us to create a watch that puts your sustainable values into motion while remaining stylish.

Rainforest habitats illustration on the sleeve packaging.
Claudie’s illustration on the sleeve packaging.

Solar Technology presented in an elegant way

The new green dial watch is no exception; it is also powered by the sun - or other artificial light sources! You'll never need to change the battery again. Less maintenance, more impact!

Sustainable materials with no compromise on design

Our green dial watch is not only an accessory that gives back, it was designed with sustainability in mind. Our case is made from certified recycled stainless steel, our mesh straps are colored with an eco-friendly dye while our leather straps are designed with vegan leather, without PU or PVC for minimal impact on the planet.

This watch is not only beautiful, it also does good. It proves that luxury can indeed be sustainable.

A green dial special edition watch in rose gold
Our Rainforest trust Special Edition in rose gold.

A statement piece causing noise

Our new Rainforest Trust special edition watch will make everyone "green" with envy (!) when they see how big the impact of this watch is. Showcasing your values and helping to restore the planet's lungs, this accessory will give you style and a clear conscience!

Just in time for the upcoming holiday season, the green dial watch will be offered in a bundle that includes a mesh strap and a vegan leather one for $400 CAD*. More style, less impact on the environment!

Rainforest Trust Special Edition bundle
Rainforest Trust Special Edition Bundle


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