At Solios, we are big on emphasizing the idea that no action is too small and we want to encompass this motto in everything we do.

As a team, we want to give back to our community and the environment, so, every month we choose an activity or project to reflect that.

Whether it is a planned event or a complete month dedicated to a project, we do it together as a team in order to grow together, as individuals, and a company.

Some of the things we have done together include volunteering for and participating in the Make a Wish Foundation 48h ride, participating in the climate walk, and picking up garbage in the streets of Montreal for a day.

Through these continuous actions, we hope to take in a new understanding of how sustainability affects our community, society, and the planet.

Solios team cleaning the streets

Picking up Garbage in Montreal

Last month, as a team, we went down to the Hochelaga neighborhood in Montreal to pick up garbage. We chose this area of the city because, due to a lower public service budget, cleaing up the parcs is not always high priority.

Meeting Someone Along the Way...

During our afternoon of picking up garbage from the streets, we met an incredible Montrealer who dedicates his time to collect garbage from the streets. He explained how he picks up about two bags worth of garbage every day!

The only thing this unnamed man owns is a trash picker. He truly puts an emphasis on the environment and helping clean up his community. We are extremely grateful to have met him as he encouraged our view of our community and taking action without a need for anything in return.

solios team picking up trash in montreal

Cleaning Our Neighbourhoods

Though this trip only lasted 4 hours, we plan on helping clean more areas of our beautiful city. It is so important to take action (big or small) to help the environment. It can be anything from spending an afternoon picking up garbage to picking up a stray water bottle and disposing of it properly.

We are proud to have helped clean the streets, however, we were shocked by how much of it could not be recycled! As a lot of the cardboard and paper was wet or dirty, we could not recycle it. The same goes for plastic. It shows the importance of properly disposing of recyclable materials to prevent them from ending up in a landfill.

Reasons to Clean Your Neighborhood

  1. Create a clean community: Give back to your neighbour communities by helping make it more clean and safe - it’s a gift to the people and the environment.
  2. Create a chain reaction: If someone sees you picking up litter from the streets, you may motivate them to do the same and so forth. Positive actions create more positive actions!
  3. Prevent recyclable materials from going to landfills: At home and on your own time, you control how your own garbage gets disposed of, but the streets are another story. Though you won’t be able to recycle everything you pick up - the small amount you can makes an impact.
  4. Show pride in your community: Feel proud of where you live! A clean neighbourhood is one you can appreciate.
sustainable solar watch

Where Should We go Next?

Montreal is a big city and we would like to cover it all! Let us know which neighbourhoods you feel need the most TLC and join us in promoting a greener environment.

Remember, no action is too small! If you do not live in Montreal, let us know where you plan on picking up garbage!


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