At Solios, every action counts towards a greener future. We embody this in everything we do. That is why we wanted to challenge ourselves as a team to take action every month.

On Friday, September 27th, 2019, we joined the estimated 500,000 protestors in walking for climate change. Led by the astounding Greta Thunberg, we were humbled to see so many incredible people march together for the urgent need to save our planet.

Walking Towards a Greener Future

During our walk-in support of a change for our future, we saw first hand a conscious effort from individuals and groups alike to make a difference.

Whether it be the 2,121,000 and counting tons of waste dumped or the 54 million tons of resources extracted from the earth this year, our planet is in dire need of saving. There is no one else to blame but the human race - and it is our responsibility to do something.

The everyday actions we make have a large impact on the future of our environment. This includes our support of local causes, protests, and spreading information to others.

We were proud to see individuals and businesses take the time out of their day to show support in such an important cause. We saw brands such as Ben & Jerry’s, Lush Cosmetics, and Patagonia participate in the walk!

Even more, the Commission Scolaire de Montreal canceled classes allowing students to participate as well.

Using your voice is a powerful tool - together we can grab the attention of people and teach the importance of sustainability as well as people in power.

Whether you are sharing useful tools on social media or promoting a sustainable lifestyle, your effort matters and makes an impression on others.

Solios' team at the montreal climate walk

Never Forget the Cause

Seen with many causes, there is always hype and then a crash. You see information everywhere on social media for about a month and then life goes back to normal as if everything has been fixed.

stats on the volatility of media trends
Black Lives Matter Search Term interest over 5 Years
stats on the volatility of media trends
Climate Walk Search Interest over 5 Years

Unfortunately, that is not the case and we cannot let important issues fall through the cracks of social media algorithms and trends. We must keep the conversation going in order to make a change.

Many people get used to everyday life but solidarity is important. Things go back to normal much too soon. We have seen it too many times in the past in regards to racism, sexual harassment, and other injustices.

These fights are not over, though we don’t see them on our Instagram feed, there are people fighting just as well.

Don’t wait for the next movement, it’s time to make a change.

Solios team at the montreal climate walk

Easy Steps to Sustainability

In continuing the fight for climate change, here are some tried and true changes you can make towards a more sustainable lifestyle!

The goal is not to do them all in a stressed effort to make a drastic change. Always remember that no action is too small - every moment counts!

  1. Shop local and from eco-friendly brands
  2. Make sure your online purchases use eco-responsible packaging.
  3. Dispose of your waste properly (i.e. compost produce, recycle cardboard, throw away greasy paper)
  4. Properly dispose of litter in the streets
  5. Eat fewer animal products
  6. Manage all bills electronically
  7. Opt for water-saving showerheads and toilets
  8. Opt for reusable cutlery and containers instead of single-use plastic and styrofoam
  9. Opt for a solar powered watch over a regular battery watch.
women wearing sustainable watch in montreal
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