At Solios, we believe that no action is too small and only lead to a bigger change. As a brand we make an effort to be transparent and emphasis our sustainable and social values through our product and actions.

As a team, we have made an effort to do something every month to grow as a group and as individuals. Together we have picked up garbage in our community, participated in the 2019 climate walk, and volunteered for the Make a Wish Foundation.

Follow us as we take on projects throughout the year to benefit the environment, our community, and more.

This week, we are covering the Make-a-Wish 48-hour bike ride marathon.

2020 has been a difficult year, especially on organizations that depend on events to raise money for the cause. However, people and groups around us are showing just how much we can accomplish.

Make a Wish Foundation

Every year, Make-a-Wish hosts a 48-hour bike ride marathon. It is one of their most important events to raise money and spread awareness. Communities come together in teams and must raise a minimum of $600 per person for the marathon day.

This year, due to the pandemic, the marathon was cancelled and Make-a-Wish had to find another way to raise money and bring the community together.

The foundation is missing funds and sufficient volunteers due to the pandemic. They need their community to work together and come up with ideas to raise money whilst following safety guidelines.

Solios’ Part

Though we put emphasis on doing our part to help the environment for the future, we also see the importance in directing our attention towards current needs that cannot be neglected in our community and society.

We have been working with Make-a-Wish for two years now as wish grantors. Our role is to coordinate between the foundation and the families, and insure that a child’s wish is their own, not anyone else’s. We talk directly with children and the foundation to make the child’s wish possible.

We value what Make-a-Wish is doing because it is extremely beneficial for the child and family to have this wish. It is something they can look forward to that boosts their moral and mentality.

As a team, we participate in the Make-a-Wish functions to promote and encourage their work. Last year we participated in the 48-hour bike ride marathon with 2 teams. We were proud to collect a total of $11,225.

This year we want to collect more! Though we may not be able to physically participate in the marathon, we plan on raising money nonetheless.

We have a special project coming up soon and we can’t wait to talk all about it! Our goal with this first blue Solios watch dial is to raise $25,000. Stay tuned to find out more on how you can help us raise funds for Make-a-Wish Foundation!

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