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Are you good at keeping secrets? We hope not! Spread the word and earn an extra strap by referring your friends. Your friend will also receive a 10% discount on his purchase.

Refer a friend → Get rewarded!

They get 10% Off → You get a free strap!


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Share Your Link

Share your referral link or referral code with your friends.


Your Friends Buys a Watch

After your friend makes a purchase via your referral link or code, you'll get confirmation as soon as their 30-day trial expires.


You Get Your Reward

We will send you a detailed email notification of your successful referral with instructions on claiming your free strap.


1. When will I get my referral rewards?

Once your friend received their solios watch, they have 30 days to get a free refund in case they did not want to keep the watch. Once this trial period is ended, and no refund has been issued, you will receive an email with your reward ready to be used.

2. What are the benefits for my friends if they make a purchase via my referral links?

Your friend will get a 10% off discount on their order. However, keep in mind that the reward may change over time.

3. How to use my reward earned from the referral program?

Once your reward is eligible, you will receive an email with instructions on how to use it. You will have to sign in in your reward portal and claim the code to get your free strap.

4. How can my friends use my referral code?

Once you have access to referral program, you can share the link to your friends or simply give them your unique code. They will have to purchase at least one watch and checkout using the code. The 10% discount applis one the whole order, so if they purchase more than a watch they will still benefit from the 10% off coupon.

5. Help, my friend from another country can't use my code.

Because of platform limitations, we're unable to sync the codes for people on the Canadian site and people in the rest of the world. If you purchased from the canadian site and you want your friends from outside Canada and France to use your code, ask our support team to help you out. They will manually make your code available in all regions of the world.

6. What is the usage limit of my referral code?

Their is currently no limit to how many times your code can be used. Every time one of your friends use your code you will get one extra strap for free.