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Yes, you read that right! Back in 2021, Solios officially launched its watch recycling program, and you could win big by participating. In addition, the process for taking part in this program is very simple.

Scroll on social media, turn on your TV or Radio, it is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the fact that we are constantly facing a big and growing environmental issue. So much so that researchers have estimated that by 2025, if we don’t make any changes, humanity could produce the equivalent of more than 5,000 km of filled garbage trucks every day. If this fact is alarming for you, there are however several solutions, some of which are easy to implement in order to drastically reduce the amount of waste emitted every day.

In order to prolong the life of our planet while also reducing our global consumption, it is imperative that we provide a second life to our previously used objects or disposing of our waste more intelligently with the help of recycling or composting.

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Table of contents

Why a Watch Recycling Program?

Why Recycle your Used Watch Instead of Keeping it?

What will I Get in Return for my Watch?

What will we do with the watches once we receive them?

Who is the Watch Recycling Program for?

How do I Send in my Used Watch?

Why a Watch Recycling Program?

Did you know that most watch parts are recyclable, but unfortunately end up in landfills? It’s a bit paradoxical, isn’t it ? The reason is quite simple, it is not because an object or a material is recyclable that it will necessarily be recycled. Some objects are composed of several different materials that need to be separated before being recycled. While other products are easily recyclable with techniques that differ from those of your local sorting centers.

This is why some companies, like Solios or The North Face, have decided to take action by taking back objects or materials, in order to sort them and direct them to the right entities that will provide them a second life.

Why Recycle Your Used Watch Instead of Keeping it?

Of course, if you decide to repair your broken watch or give it to someone who really wants it, we encourage you to do so. Otherwise, it happens very often that the same watch spends a long time in your drawer, waiting for you to clean them or replace their battery. As you may know, most quartz battery watches only last for about 2 years. These watches often end up in the trash, contributing to the excess waste phenomenon we all know so much about.

Our program is designed to keep reusable and recyclable materials out of landfills. On the contrary, we want to encourage those who want to dispose easily and in a responsible way of their watches, while also being rewarded for this good deed.

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What Will I get in Return for my Watch?

What a great question! At Solios, we believe that every good deed should be rewarded. That is why we are offering all participants a discount of $35 (or the equivalent in your local currency) per person in exchange for sending in their watch for us to recycle. This discount can be applied to the Solios watch of your choice, with our automatic refund system. The discount will be applied only once by person.

Knowing that nearly 1 billion watch batteries are discarded each year, you'll kill two birds with one stone by switching to a Solios that requires no battery replacement: good for your wallet, and especially for the planet! By switching to a Solios, you avoid contributing to the production of nearly 20 watch batteries, the main source of overconsumption in the watch industry.

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What will we do with the watches once we receive them?

When we receive your watch, we will store them at our office until we accumulate a sufficient amount. The reason we are waiting to accumulate them is quite simple: rather than send multiple small packages to our partners, we prefer to take our time in order to minimize the environmental impact caused by frequent transportation.

During the storage period, we will disassemble the watches to separate the pieces. For each material, we will store the watch pieces separately.

Once this step is done, we will contact our partners specialized in industrial recycling to make sure they can recover most if not all parts.

We will then send all the recyclable parts to our partners. An example of a partner, are those who recover small electronic devices like Electrobac in Quebec, or other more specialized ones in watch recycling, like our partner in France.

Who is the Watch Recycling Program for?

Everybody, really! No matter your geographic location, if you send us your watch to recycle, we will recycle them!

For any participant also purchasing a Solios watch, we will make sure to include in your package a Recycling Kit, containing everything you need to send us back your watches for free - including a free return label.

For anyone who would like to have their watches recycled, but who are not interested in buying a Solios - no problem! We will also accept and recycle all of your watches for free. You will simply need to take care of the shipping.

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How do I Send in my Used Watch?

It’s really easy! Simply fill out the form on our watch recycling program page and follow the next steps. With just a few clicks, you will be participating in a much-needed recycling program in this industry and making a difference for our planet!

Don’t wait! Go clean up your drawers now; we are looking forward to receiving your watches!


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