Beginning of September...already! As usual, summer has flown by without being able to click pause. There is something about this season - the smell of sunscreen perhaps, or the sunshine rays - that makes people slow down and makes them cooler. The long summer evenings, campfires, water outings and summer heat slowly become memories of a joyous summer and then leave the field open for the creation of new ones, this time with an autumnal backdrop.

As all good things must come to an end, a transition is then made towards the period of back to work, which brings with it what many dread, the routine. This time of the year is often misrepresented in our society as a negative period, but it is actually a time of opportunity. Let’s see how we see it.

Women with solar watch working in office set-up
Back to work with summer vibes

September, the new January 1st?

September returns embodies the beginning of something new, a breath of fresh air. In itself, this time of the year is a second opportunity to take up the good intentions we promised ourselves to accomplish on January 1st. It's a good time to integrate new habits into your life, to try new things. It is literally a blank page that gives you a maximum of possibilities.

No one said that because summer is ending, the summer vibes couldn't be carried over to the office. We believe that summer is much more defined by a feeling than the space time. You just have to find a way to feel it at work. It could be going shopping at the market after your work day, going for a walk with a friend during your lunch hour, going to the park with the kids before dinner, or taking short weekend drives. In fact, the one thing that goes hand in hand with each of these ideas is simply taking the time. Making time for the things that make you feel good, that matter to you, that are important in your life, that make you happy.

​​This is what we wish for at this time of year. Let's give ourselves the chance to take the time; the time to do things right. Let's try to do even better than usual in this new year at the office or at school.

On our side, we decided to take the time to (re)make our wardrobe. To maximize its potential in order to recover the 5 to 10 minutes lost every morning trying to find what we will wear. Over a year, that's 2100 minutes, the equivalent of a 35-hour work week. Impressive, isn't it? ​​So, we tried the trendy experience to build a capsule wardrobe.

Black watch for office outfit
Black and white suit with all black watch, perfect combination for back to work

Back to work = new wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is composed of an assortment of different basic pieces that you love (clothes, shoes, accessories). The idea is really to create the perfect composition for yourself, which includes both functional pieces that can transcend the seasons and pieces that you love that can gravitate very often in the looks.

It's no surprise that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting on the planet. Changing your clothing habits is not just a lifestyle fix, but a planet fix too. Thinking mindfully about how our fashion purchases might improve our daily lives fosters an emphasis on quality over quantity, reducing waste and saves us time and money in the long run. A useful thing to remember is to link each choice to a need. For example, an eco-friendly black dial watch with a black vegan strap, is timeless and versatile enough to match almost any wardrobe, season after season. So you can fill an accessory need without having to constantly refresh your selection.

Honestly, you have everything to gain because your wardrobe will be optimized according to your tastes and your real needs. Plus, we promise you'll never say "I have nothing to wear" again.

We loved our experience so much that we wrote a guide on the subject to help you benefit from it, but more importantly, to equip you to do the same on your side, for the back to work. Inside, you'll find all the steps to follow to build your own capsule wardrobe, as well as inspiration for looks you can replicate.

We can’t wait to see the office styles you’ll create with your new capsule wardrobe! 

different office styles you can try this summer
Examples of capsule wardrobe looks that are perfect for back to work
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