A limited edition range of repaired Solios watches that meet the same quality standards.

Kicking off our 4th birthday with our new Re-charged watches. Just in time for Earth Month, an even more sustainable way to experience the power of solar.

Introducing the Re-charged Collection. As part of our efforts to always be more sustainable, we have been collecting and restoring watches for the past four years. This resulted in a limited collection of Solios watches that have been repaired and are now available online with a discount from the original price.

Repaired with the same high-quality standards of our new watches in mind, don't be fooled by the name; our Re-charged watches are just as good as the new ones.

With this new initiative, we will be launching drops of very small batches whenever we have collected and repaired enough watches to create a collection. Each drop is limited; only 47 refurbished watches are available on our first launch. so keep your eyes peeled for future Re-charged campaigns. You can get the latest details via our newsletter!

Can I Trust A Refurbished Watch?

It's fair to wonder if a repaired solar-powered watch can work just as well as a new one. We thought the same thing when we started this initiative. So here is how we make sure every watch passes the quality test.

re-charged watches steps of approval
  1. When a client returns a watch, to change model or because of the warranty, we keep stock of them to make them a part of our new Re-Charged Collection.
  2. Once we have collected enough returned watches worth releasing a drop, we send them to an expert repair service to verify and fix any necessary components. Including the glass, movement, hands, index, scratches, the back case, crown, or possible water infiltration.
  3. Once the newly refurbished watches are done being repaired, we proceed to a quality test to make sure every feature is working as new.

We want to be completely transparent in all that we put out to our community. Some of our watches may still fail after the quality test, even if we try our best. However, we still want to offer them as an option. This is why we include a 3-year warranty with every Re-Charged watch.

Behind The Re-Charged Collection

How our philosophy of improvement led to the Re-Charged Collection

At Solios, we emphasize being proactive and transparent; we strive for progress toward an even more eco-friendly product. But, even if we try our best, we’re not perfect. So, one of our main focuses is constant improvement.

The philosophy behind the re-charged watches

Part of being a sustainable brand is being transparent in everything we do. We make our sustainable progress available to our community so that they know what values and impacts their purchase is supporting.

Our sustainable methods continue to improve; it's our mission. That includes the materials we source, eliminating single-use packaging, the shipping procedure, and finding new innovative solutions within the industry.

We are always on the hunt for innovative solutions to improve our sustainability. If it doesn't exist, we find a way to make it possible.

We want to guide the fashion industry's future away from processes that have stayed stagnant for years. Ones that have been harmful to both humankind and the environment. We want these processes to be transparent to you.

So, coming out with our Re-Charged collection just made sense. By repairing returned and defective watches, we are creating a circular method that minimizes our waste. In other words, watches that may have been recycled are now given a second life.

Our Solar Powered Battery

All of our watches run on a solar-powered battery, that includes our Re-Charged collection. The average single-use watch battery lasts two years and will need to be changed about 20 times. In contrast, a solar-powered battery lasts a lifetime and may only require a change of battery after 40 to 50 years.

Even more, with only 2 hours of sunlight, our solar-powered watches have a power reserve of over six months. Plus, you don't need to charge it actively, as it recharges when exposed to natural and artificial light. Even with our refurbished watches, the solar battery does all the work for you.

Materials Made to Last

Every piece and function of a Solios watch has been thought out to be the most sustainable source and solution. We never settle, not even when all odds are against us - because we know there is always something better to be discovered.

From our certified recycled steel to eco-friendly vegan leather, we have sourced our materials across the globe. Sustainable, ethically sourced and fabricated, green shipping - we don’t accept anything that doesn’t exceed our standards.

Our Re-Charged collection is no different. Every watch is repaired with certified recycled stainless steel, powered with a solar battery, and made to resist everyday wear and tear.

Helping Our Environment and Community

One of our main goals as a sustainable brand is to spread awareness through our product and actions. So, we make it a priority to help our community and associates in making a difference.

Within the past few years, we have collaborated with Rainforest Trust to help save and protect tropical forests, its communities, and wildlife. We donate 1% of every watch sold to conserve 1 acre of land. By the end of 2022, we’ve donated over $30 000 to conserving the Rainforest (and we’re not done yet).

We’ve also participated in cleaning up garbage and recycling in local neighbourhoods, the Montreal Climate Walk, the Make-A-Wish 48-hour bike ride, and more.

Re-charged Watches Made With Sustainable Materials

Solios watches materials

What’s so great about a repaired watch? Though they may not have passed the initial test through returns or defaults, these watches now work just as well as our new ones. They also feature the same innovative sustainable materials we know and love.


Our eco-leather watch straps are made with animal skin-free and cruelty-free materials. We didn't want to only use the term "vegan leather" as ours is free from PVC, PU, and toxic waste, which is not the case with most vegan leather.

Not many materials are fabricated to resist watch straps' daily wear and tear. So, we chose to go with a silicone fabric with the most extended lifespan of any other eco-vegan leather. Our eco-leather is also easily recyclable and does not contain any solvents or toxic by-products. At the moment, it is the most sustainable option we have found.

The Metal

Currently, the metal we use to fabricate our watches is 316L-certified recycled stainless steel. It is 100% recyclable and has less carbon than 316 stainless steel, making it less prone to corrosion.


Seeming as packaging is one of the largest sources of material waste. Our packaging is handmade with completely recycled and recyclable cardboard. It's a small step closer to the big picture we’re trying to attain.

We ensure that none of our packaging is made with plastic film, velvet, or other non-recyclable materials. They are typically used to create a soft illusion on cardboard and paper packaging. Even though it looks good, it's not worth making the packaging unrecyclable.

How To Get Your Re-Charged Watch?

As mentioned, each Re-Charged collection drop has a limited quantity of watches. Every time we have collected and repaired enough watches, we will announce via our newsletter the date of the new drop. Be the first to know about new drops by signing up to our newsletter (it’s that easy).

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