Point of view: You're at the store, yet again stumped on what gift to get your (insert loved one here). You want it to be unique and have an impact but still be useful; because you care.

We might be biased, but a Solios watch makes a memorable, practical, and sustainable gift for anyone. We're so confident we've listed eight reasons why our solar-powered watches are the perfect gift.

A Timeless Design

When designing our watches, we aim to create something durable in design and timeless in aesthetics. As a result, a Solios watch is sleek, minimalist, and has a dash of sophistication.

It's a practical accessory you pull for repeatedly because it goes with everything. Dress it up for a night out, or pair it with your everyday denim - it will look good.

White solar watch with timeless design
A Fashion Statement

Fast fashion is one of the most significant environmental pollutants; it's not a secret. It's to blame for over 20% of industrial water waste worldwide, 10% of global CO2 emissions, and 11% of pesticide use.

Monkey see, monkey do. The clothing and accessories you wear and the brands you encourage send a message to others of your values. Why not bring attention to the sustainable cause with an accessory you actually want to wear?

Man with mini white watch on his wrist
Solar Powered Battery

All Solios watches run on solar-powered batteries, a clean and renewable energy source.
With this state-of-the-art and barely-there solar technology, our watches charge as you go about your day.

Without lifting a finger, the solar powered battery stores six months' power with just 2 hours of natural or artificial light.

Solar Powered Movement
Made To Last A Lifetime

A solar battery's innovative and clean power helps reduce the annual production of over 1 billion watch batteries. Who knew such a small accessory could hold so much power?

Unlike Kinetic and Quartz watches with single-use batteries, a solar powered movement only shouldn't need any maintenance on it for at least 30 years.

white solar watch one women's wrist
Made With Recycled and Recyclable Materials

Give a gift that promotes an eco-conscious choice. Our watches and packaging are made with recycled and recyclable materials that are ethically sourced.

We use certified recycled 316L stainless steel for the face of our watches and interchangeable mesh straps. The benefits? Recycled steel can be recycled over and over again. Not to mention how durable it makes the watch.

Our locally handmade packaging is created with 100% recycled and recyclable paper and cork. It also features a smooth texture from a water-based coating, providing an even better unboxing experience (yes, please)

Solios watch materials
Solios Is the first B corp watch company

We are proud to be a B Corp business that continues finding new ways to challenge our sustainable efforts. It's a promise to continue pushing the limits in our industry and finding new ways to make the processes and tools more sustainable and ethical.

Encouraging B Corp businesses through gifting is a great way to bring awareness to the causes and efforts. There are over 4,000 great brands to look into. Still, Solios is the first watch company to have acquired the B Corp certification.

The first b corp watch company
A Personalizable Gift

What better way to give a personal gift than to give something customizable?

First, start by creating a watch bundle perfectly suited to your loved one's taste by selecting the watch model of your choice with some of our straps. At Solios, we offer a wide range of straps, in different colours and materials. From our recycled stainless steel straps all the way to our vegan leather ones, there are numerous options for you to choose from!

And the second step, which makes the gift a bit more sentimentale: get a meaningful message, initials or a special date engraved on the back of the watch.

Gift sets for loved ones
You're Helping The Rainforest

We donate 1% of all sales from our regular Solios watches to the Rainforest Trust, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to restore and preserve the rainforest. And to push our commitment and partnership with them even further, we also donate 10% of all sales stemming from the Rainforest special edition to the organization.

Rainforest Trust is one of the rare foundation that gives back 100% of our donations toward the wildlife, ecosystems, and communities that rely on the rainforest.

Rainforest trust partnership

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