Proudly recycling watches since 2021

More than 2000 watches collected!

Recycling is a straightforward concept, but its execution can be complex. Surprisingly, many watch parts, though recyclable, end up in landfills. This paradox inspired the inception of our program in early 2021.

Our recycling program is on a little break. But will be back very soon!

We're currently enhancing our recycling program and preparing for its relaunch very soon!

We got the grades to prove our commitment. We're the first B Corp certified watch company

Our mission

Giving back shouldn’t be a marketing stunt

At Solios, we don’t do things because it looks good. We do them because they actually do some good. After hours of research to find the most transparent, humble, financially efficient and effective partners, we found The Rainforest Trust, a foundation which restores the lungs of our planet. Every watch sold and every dollar donated therefore contribute to a better tomorrow.