It is during the April 5th 2021’s show Dans l'oeil du dragon that Solios managed to charm the viewers. And you guessed it, the dragons too!
Solios products display table on the show Dans l'oeil du dragon

What is Dans l'oeil du dragon?

The concept of this Quebec version of Dragon's Den is the same as the original franchise. In front of 5 multimillionaires (the dragons), entrepreneurs come to present their idea or invention in order to seduce at least one of them to invest in their project.
In other words, entrepreneurs are looking for an investment from established business people in the Quebec portrait of entrepreneurship, in order to create synergies, but also to accelerate the growth of their business and obtain some visibility across the province. This is also a chance to propel their business, whether it is a start-up or an established venture.
On their part, the dragons are looking for companies in which they believe and whose expertise could benefit the entrepreneur. More specifically, they wish to expand their investment portfolio, while supporting the most promising entrepreneurial projects in the province.
To learn more about the show concept, click here.

Who are the dragons this year?

Every year, new dragons make their appearance and others make their return after an absence. This season, it's the case of Christiane Germain, co-founder and co-president of Germain Hotels, a family business with nearly 20 establishments in 7 Canadian provinces.
Isabèle Chevalier, former CEO of Bio-K+ International, the country's number 1 probiotic brand for over 10 years, will also be back this spring.
As for Marie-Josée Richer, she will be part of the show again this season. She co-founded the organic snack company PRANA, the number 1 organic snack brand in Canada.
Nicolas Duvernois, a regular on the show, will also be on the set. He is the founding president of Duvernois, Canada's largest independent spirits producer, behind such hits as Pur Vodka, Romeo's gin and Choco Crème.
Finally, for a second season of the show, Georges Karam will complete the quintuor. He is currently the CEO of Cognibox, a company that specializes in risk and compliance management.
For more information on the dragons, see their respective information sheet here.

How did it go for Solios on the show Dans l’oeil du dragon?

The Solios cofounders during their presentation
Alexandre Desabrais (left) and Samuel Leroux (right), Solios cofounders.
The cofounders Alex and Sam are unanimous in their response: the experience was great! According to them, Solios has received much praise from all the dragons.
In fact, Georges Karam and Marie-Josée Richer liked the company's culture and products so much that they offered to coach the entrepreneurial duo for free. For his part, Nicolas Duvernois wanted to invest, but his offer was set aside in front of the combined offer of Christiane Germain and Isabèle Chevalier.
You guessed it, an agreement has been made! After being courted by a few offers, Alex and Sam has finally decided to go with the combined proposal of the two dragons.
Solios cofounders and the dragons with who they have make an agreement
Solios cofounder, Samuel Leroux (front left), dragon Isabèle Chevalier (left rear), dragon Christiane Germain (right rear) and Solios cofounder, Alexandre Desabrais (front right)

What does this agreement with the dragons mean for Solios?

We are simply entering a new phase where we can only look forward! The company is supported by two seasoned businesswomen and our wish is to break into international markets more quickly and efficiently. We want to reveal to the world the innovative know-how of Quebec.
With the help of the two dragons, we will be able to afford as a company to accelerate research and development (r&d), an area that plays a key role in the growth of a company. Improving the quality of our products and their impact over time are two important components we wish to investigate.
And of course, this agreement will also allow us to continuously innovate by seeking out new local talent at an accelerated rate.
Solios solar powered watches on the display table
Solios solar powered watches

What do we wish Solios for the future?

To become a reference in the field of eco-responsible watchmaking, in Quebec, in Canada, but also worldwide. We want to make a difference around us, in our community. It starts at home, with our employees. We want to become an inspiring company that will be among the best employers in the country.
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