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From the moment Solios was created, we vowed to never compromise between innovation, elegance and sustainability. Our goal was simple: to prove that it is possible to create a sustainable accessory with an impeccable design. This aim hasn’t changed since the beginning.

Not under Solios’ watch.

Slow fashion

Designing with purpose

Solar technology

Saying goodbye to battery replacement

We got the grades to prove our commitment.
The first B Corp certified watch company

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A sustainable watch needs sustainable materials.

Certified recycled stainless steel

Mother Nature has gifted us with a material that is infinitely recyclable: stainless steel. We honour it in the best way possible, by only employing its recycled version in our watches.

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Eco vegan leather

We have pushed the boundaries of what’s possible and now offer a truly eco-friendly vegan leather. This silicone-based alternative is incredibly durable and doesn’t contain harmful components such as PU, PVC and toxic by-products.

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Solar powered movement

All Solios watches feature a state-of-the-art, invisible and incredibly powerful solar technology that allows you to charge your watch as you go about your day.

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Handmade eco packaging

We discovered the hard way that most “eco” packaging options are not recyclable. We decided to change things up and push innovation further by introducing truly recycled and recyclable materials.

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Always being thoughtful,
in every part of the process.

Our mission

Giving back shouldn’t be a marketing stunt.

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Our pledge

Net zero from internal & external emissions, by 2025.

Being creative also means creating a
circular economy
, in the watch industry

Participate in our recycling program and receive your discount.

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Sustainability is in the details.

Recycling at our office

Recycling at our office

It sounds simple and obvious. But how many businesses have you visited where there was no recycling? How many times have you walked down the street several KM without ever seeing a green bin? For us it is completely absurd. We have posted signs all over the office mentioning what are the good recycling practices! We ourselves are part of the people we want to educate to have better life habits, and we take recycling very seriously.

No single use plastic

No single use plastic

You should have seen the first order of watches we received. Each watch was packaged in several layers of single-use plastic that was then protected by styrofoam. An experience to make you feel sick. The first action we took following the launch of Solios was to eliminate 100% of the single-use plastic from our entire production line. We purchased our own reusable protectors and boxes. Today, our suppliers have spread these practices to other clients to reduce waste.



Simple? Unfortunately not and it's far from being the norm yet. We are the first and only B Corp watch company to date. We believe in a new form of capitalism where we must consider at the same level the profits just as mush as the impact on our society, our community, our employees, and especially, our planet. Solios has even changed its legal form of business to become a B Corporation rather than a standard corporation. The company's mission is therefore deeply rooted, right down to its legal function.

Offset shipping

Offset shipping

We work to facilitate your peace of mind. For every Solios shipped, we offset the environmental impact by planting trees. So you can have peace of mind and enjoy fast, personalized service right in the comfort of your living room.

Giving back

Giving Back

Solios' mission was defined long before its product. Our goal was simple; to create a product that would influence its wearers to take care of our planet, and to do it with style. Giving back to the planet is in the nature of Solios. For every Solios purchase, we protect a minimum of 1 acre of rainforest. Why the rainforest? Because to have an impact on climate change, it is much better to protect our current forests from deforestation than to plant trees. Tropical forests are also the largest havens of biodiversity and they absorb more sunlight than anywhere else on earth, just like a Solios!

Offset employees

Everyone has a footprint
Solios has participated in the Climate+ program, where enough trees were planted to offset every employee's yearly carbon emissions. We're now planning next year's contribution to follow our growth.

Recycling program

Recycling program

Ask around; who has dead watches sitting in their drawer? The vast majority of people around you will raise their hands. The sad reality is that most of these watches will not be recycled, even though the vast majority of the parts that make up the watches are recyclable. Although a Solios has a lifespan at least 10x longer than its counterparts, it will sooner or later have an end of life and don’t want a Solios to end its days in a landfill or in the ocean. So we started a watch recycling program to take part in the circular economy and we've opened our program to all watches, regardless of brand. We even pay for your shipping costs to send us your old watches!



There is a large majority of people who do not know the existence of the solar powered watches so imagine how much we do not know about our environment and our planet? We are part of those who are continuously learning about this subject and we make it our mission to share what we discover. Don't worry, for us it's a real passion!



Education is one thing but what about innovation? As exciting as the trip to the moon was to watch, imagine the joy that would come from eradicating the raise in temperature? Every day we put our hearts and souls into discovering how we can help stop climate change without sacrificing what we love most. The only way to do that is through innovation. Let us bring you something never before seen before. Let us offer you the most eco-friendly and stylish watch on the market.

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