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5 Reasons to Start Using Solar Powered Watches

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5 Reasons to Start Using Solar Powered Watches

The first solar powered watches appeared on the market in the early 70’s. The designs were very different than what we’re seeing today. They were not as efficient at capturing light rays, and their power reserves were very limited, but already, they appealed to tech savvy individuals more than the alternative.

Solios uses a photovoltaic solar cell, which is placed inside the dial to capture light from natural and artificial sources and convert it into energy to power the watch. A minuscule lithium-ion battery efficiently stores said power to ensure you can use your watch even when you’re not going for a walk on a beautiful summer day.

This technology has been around for several years, however, few companies throughout history have opted for this power source. Therefore, we wanted to give you some insights on why a consumer should opt for a solar powered watch, and why more watch companies should change their movement and go solar.


If we’re being honest, batteries are integral to our modern lifestyles, but they contain chemicals and require considerable resources to produce. Thus, can’t be considered sustainable as single use objects. Solar watches use a fully rechargeable battery powered by a natural source of energy. More than 300 million quartz powered watches are produced every year, with batteries with an average lifespan of 2 years. If all these watches were using rechargeable batteries, we could save at least 300 million batteries every year! Imagine the impact.



If we take a closer look at what is happening within the automobile industry, we notice Elon Musk making waves with Tesla, his electric car company. Musk is striving for greener alternatives to the gas consumption car but even electric cars are only as eco-friendly as the energy they consume. If electricity is produced using non-renewable resources, the vehicle cannot truly be considered green. This is a perfect example of why we must all apply pressure to achieve a future where renewable energy sources are the only sources available. A watch has always been a statement piece through which to communicate your values; why not use your watch to tell the world that you value renewable energy?



A couple months ago, we sent a survey to a thousand people in our community to ask them why, in the past, they’ve needed to change their watch. The most popular answer – you guessed it – was a dead battery. Our survey made it evident that we all consider watch maintenance annoying and time consuming, and on top of it all, it leads to overconsumption. With a solar powered watch, it’ll be decades before you need to worry about any kind of maintenance. Solios Watches, maintain their recharging capacities at more than 80% for over 30 years. 



While solar energy reserves used to last 24-48 hours back in the day, it’s a completely different story today. Our watches need only an hour and a half of exposure to sunlight to charge it to 100% and will only need a couple of minutes of artificial lighting at a time to maintain its energy for over 6 months. Additionally, our watches utilize a quartz movement, which is more accurate and less expensive than most self-winding automatic movements.



There is a misconception that watches containing solar cells look bulky and that the solar cell must be displayed prominently on the dial. Therefore, we made the seamless integration of the solar cell a priority. We created, from scratch, a dial with the perfect transparency ratio in order to let the light rays penetrate the dial without showing the movement or the solar cell in any way. Now, those who want an affordable, high quality and minimalistic watch don’t necessarily need to go with Daniel Wellington anymore; greener options have been developed for you.


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